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Who We Are

Think Commercial is a local, independent commercial real estate company built on the belief that knowledge is key to making smart real estate decisions. Our focus is hyper-localized with a commitment to full transparency to demystify complex commercial real estate transactions for our clients.

We understand that the heart and soul of any community is rooted with places where people shop, dine, gather, and work. Real estate investors from all over Portland consult with us to help maximize their portfolios through our research practices and years of experience in this space.

We are not just experts in our field, we’re immersed in and dedicated to improving our streets, neighborhoods and making sure that the benefits of property ownership, entrepreneurship, housing stability and the creation of generational wealth amongst all continues to grow in our communities.

Our Difference


Everyone on our team has business ownership experience which gives us a unique perspective and ability to advise on client needs. With decades of Portland real estate experience our client portfolio is diverse. We work with small and large clients from multi-state landlords, regional chains, non profits, to small corner bakeries and unique maker spaces.

Our Difference


We are not here to impress or push our agenda, we are interested in what you have to say and execute on your goals.

Our Difference


Our approach to your business is holistic, not transactional. We aren’t concerned about the immediate deal, we are big picture thinkers and are focused on your long term success. Our team of advisors acts as an extension of your company in alignment with your objectives. We want to be part of your business and growth for many years to come, keeping a pulse of the real estate beat and keeping you abreast of upcoming opportunities.

Think Commercial

Meet Our Team

We are an engaged team of strategists, marketers, minutia lovers and passionate real estate professionals focused on one thing. People.

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